Rotterdam Fixed Gear in London

I took a bit of a break from fixed gear for a few months as I became totally obsessed with BMX, but since the Brussels comp I’ve started riding fixed gear again and I’m loving it. The guys from Rotterdam Fixed Gear have been in town for the last few days  and we went out riding every day, I learnt a couple of new things, hung out with some of the best people around and generally had a great time. So now I love the fixed gear AND my BMX. Keeps things interesting.

We rode Kennington bowl quite a bit. Anto was getting these tyre taps bar spins things and Roy was doing all manner of good shit including a foot jam to fakie. some 360’s and stuff like that. We also rode a new place up near Seven Sisters which was great as it was totally empty but had a few fun things to play on. Mr Greg Falski got some nice pics too. Click here to see em!

Dave came along and made a little edit of us messing about. I learnt air to fakies, bar spin to fakie and sliders over the last two weeks. Im still pretty far from consistent though!

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