Rollapaluza XII Kingspin

After our dismal failure at the last roller race, team SBC are having another go and entering two teams into the Kingspin competition at Bloombury Bowling Alley. I am as shit at bowling as I am at roller racing…so it should be pretty funny! This time there is a Madison race so the Rollapaluza guys have got a four bike rig. The idea is that the first two from each team set off spinning their 500m and you have 100m either side of the 500m mark to ‘hand over’ to your partner. So the partner starts spinning at the 400m mark and is hopefully at full speed by the time the first person stops – but you don’t want to get up to speed too quickly or you’ll tire yourself out.

If you want to go, get your tickets soon! 17 girls have already entered and there’s a maximum of 20 places. There is secure bike parking outside which will be manned all evening.

rollapaluza Kingspin

I went over to Tour De Ville last night to have a go on Keith’s rollers and get some practice in. Rollers are NOTHING like turbo trainers or the roller racing set up so it was useless for that but really good fun. It’s SO hard at first! Your front wheel keeps sliding out and wobbling all over the place and its really funny just trying to get the bike going and stay upright without getting spat off. I got it in the end though!

I got my new Dalikfodda hat through today as well. Luckily its in the most skin sallowing pink and makes me look like a complete retard. Phew!

juliet elliott dalikfodda

This weekend should be fun – myself and Posy Dixon (below) are going out filming with Grace Ladoja. We are making a short film about riding in London which should be showing at the Bicycle Film Festival if all goes well. Grace is also making a feature length documentary about the rise of the fixed gear bike and its similarities to skateboaring; she has been out in SF and NYC filming for that over the last few months and it sounds like it’s gonna be ace. With a bit of luck (and some money!) Posy and I will be in New York for Grace’s birthday in March. Fingers crossed.

Posy Dixon

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