I woke up on Sunday feeling terrible as I’d been to see a Metallica tribute band the night before and been dancing on the stage to Danzig at 3am. Still, I hauled my ass out of bed and went to meet my friends to ride in Epping Forest. We were riding fixed off road which was all the more fun down the odd bit of single track as I was so completely zoned out.

We rode a few little jumps, hit up a tree ride then we went to check out a river that Ted and Jordan wanted to jump. It was pretty big so Ted hopped on the mountain bike to do it then him and Jordan decided it was best to come back another day and do it fixed as the take off was still very soft and dry. I want to be there to see that when it happens!

Greg Falski got some great pictures including this one of Jordan taken from the branches of a tree. Fun day!

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