QUOC are a relative newcomer to the performance road shoe market having made their first foray into the world of cycling kicks when they launched a range of urban shoes back in 2009. Despite their history, I must confess I wasn’t actually aware of the brand until they released the stylish Night shoes more recently.


The shoes have a modern-retro vibe with a look reminiscent of the cycling shoes of yore but these babies are a lot more high tech than those from the days of Coppi et al.

Fiddling with laces takes longer than if the shoes used a BOA or ratchet system but the fit is generally good – the shoes are plenty wide but can be adjusted for narrow feet. With several brands releasing shoes with laces, we now all know that the fit can be adjusted very well using this system and the Nights make things even better by using a ‘lace lock’ that allows you to adjust the tension in different areas of the foot.



There’s an elasticated lace holder to tuck the long ends of your laces in so that you don’t catch them in your chain. It’s not quite in the right place (too high) but QUOC tell me that it’s being moved in their next production run.

I felt that arch support could be better and emailed QUOC some feedback. Again, they’re making some adjustments to this. The toe box is spot on whilst the heel cup is fine if you adjust the laces properly.



The carbon fibre and nylon composite sole is not the stiffest for a performance shoe. The microfiber upper is not that stiff either but that means they’re good for long days in the saddle as they’re super comfortable and mold well to your feet. If you’re looking to shave seconds off your race times they’re probably not the fastest. Weight is average – 554 grams for a pair in size 43.

It’s worth noting that the microfiber shoes are 100% vegan, something many synthetic shoes actually aren’t because of glues used in the manufacturing process. Inside the microfiber upper you’ve a breathable microfiber lining which further adds to the comfort.



I’ve ridden these shoes on both hot days and in torrential rain and they felt good in both. A few well-placed holes seem to do a decent job of venting and the material never felt sweaty or hot. The heal pad is replaceable which is great as they always wear down before you’re done with your shoes.

Available in white, black and coral microfiber and in black leather, the Nights retail at £219 for the microfiber version and £239 for leather. Stylish and comfortable, they’re not the lightest or stiffest but they look and feel good.


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