Review: Pedro’s Bike Cleaning Products

My husband and I are constantly cleaning our bikes. It’s a never-ending chore that I find boring and annoying, but life can be annoying and boring sometimes. Anyway, seeing as I’m constantly scrubbing, rinsing and spraying my bikes with various potions, I was interested to try out some products by Pedros as I’d heard they were producing some cleaners and lubes that that don’t harm the environment.

A quick glance at the Pedro’s site left me slightly confused as to what their ethical credentials really are, as though it’s mentioned it’s not explained and there’s much talk of synthetic oil – is that good for the environment? I do know that they use some recycled plastics in their products but I’d be interested to read more of an explantation about in what way the bike care products are eco-friendly.

Pedros Green Fizz Cleaner Bikes N Stuff-1 Pedros Green Fizz Cleaner Bikes N Stuff-2

To begin with I selected one of the eco-friendly products, Green Fizz, a concentrated foaming bike wash that’s biodegradable and solvent free, won’t harm any of your components or damage the earth and it’s inhabitants.

The best way of using the product is to chuck water all over your bike then squirt the Green Fizz fairly sparingly over the dirtier parts of the bike and the drive train, brakes, discs etc. The adjustable nozzle is really good as it puffs up the liquid into a thick foam that hugs your components whilst it gets to work. I found I could simply rinse the dirt straight off a lot of my bike after the Green Fizz had worked its magic, and a quick scrub with a brush over the more heavily mud caked areas made it all disappear quickly. The concentrated solution goes a long way, lasting longer than one of the other cleaning sprays I have on my shelf, and it makes cleaning your bike quicker and easier. Anything that does that without harming the environment is a winner in my book.

Next up were the lubes. I can’t write or say lube without giggling like a kid. Just thought I’d share with you how immature I am. Anyway, the Syn Lube, ChainJ, Go and Ice Wax 2.0 are all designed for different weather conditions, and this being one incredibly wet, muddy and cold winter, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to try three of them – the Ice Wax despite it’s wintery name seems better suited to dry conditions.

The Syn Lube is what made Pedros famous, and it’s a product that has stood the test of time. The high viscosity formula is designed for the harshest conditions and contains a polymer that breaks down dirt apparently. It’s very hard for me to know how effective this feature is, all I know is I noticed that my chain stays well greased and runs pretty smoothly even when i’ve been battling through Devon’s bridleways on the cross bike. Those bridleways are hella muddy with puddles up to your knees, so Syn Lube clearly sticks pretty well and when you get home you just have to wipe the dirt off. It doesn’t get as gummy, dirty and black. It’s a great product, but it’s not biodegradable from what I can tell.

Pedros Green Fizz Cleaner Bikes N Stuff-3

ChainJ on the other hand, is biodegradable and apparently “the negative charge, molecule size, and viscosity of Chainj makes it a much better penetrant versus synthetic lubricants.” What that means (I think) is that this vegetable based oil adheres well to metal, thus creating a slippery surface that makes for less friction. I’ve tried this product on my chain and it does works very well, though perhaps it’s better suited to mixed conditions rather than the full of barbarism of a Devon winter CX ride. It has a thinner consistency than the Syn Lube which makes it easy to spread around, helping it penetrate small crevices so it’s good for lubing nuts and bolts and other parts of the bike you want to move freely and protect from rust.


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