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Ah, the hassle of lugging a bike around. I can count on, well, one digit the number of times I’ve travelled without either a bike, a snowboard or a surfboard, and it’s bloody easy I tell ya! Just chuck a few clothes in a wheelie suitcase and off you trot to the airport – simple. Still, I shouldn’t complain – before I moved to Devon and bought a car, sometimes I had to get the tube to the airport with whatever sporting paraphernalia I was transporting. Nightmare in rush hour!


evoc bike travel bag

I’ve tried a few different ways of travelling with my bike, but all have their drawbacks, not least as I ride all different kinds of bikes and need something versatile. Luckily, Evoc have come to the rescue with their bike travel bag, a semi rigid bike bag that fits pretty much everything, but can also be folded and put away.

It’s basically a soft shell with a hard bottom and plenty of inserts that give it strength, and as such it weighs a few kilos less than a hard case. It comes with a bunch of rods that slot in the front, at the rear and in the wheel bag pockets to keep the bag from flopping around, and the handy thing is that when you remove these rods you can fold the bag up and stow it more easily than you can a regular bike case.

Inside are various Velcro straps that attach round your tubing, keeping your bike in position, and they’re ideally placed. I tried it using the extra road bike fork insert, which pads out the fork and made me less worried about it being squished and squeezed on the plane. And when I used it with my mountain bike, the fork slotted in securely. There’s a also a pad that goes under the bottom bracket so the weight of the bike isn’t on the chainring, and there’s a strap here too.

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There are lots of pockets that are ideal for stowing your pedals, tools, and other bits and pieces. Your bikes wheels are stowed on each side in pockets, and these have a toughened board that lies over the axel so that they don’t poke your bike inside.

The material is really tough and robust. Wheels on the bottom of the bag make easier to wheel, though let’s face it, if you can bung it on a trolley rather than drag it, that’s always preferable, as bike cases of any kind are inherently cumbersome due to their size. There are lots of handles dotted all over the place that help with picking it up when you heave it onto your trolley.

The best thing about this bag is that it fits my road bike, my track bike and my mountain bike, which means I only need one solution for every bike trip I go on. Happy holidays!

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