Post Tenebrae Lux Jewellery

Myself and my buddy Ash make jewellery from time to time. I made these silver teeth and ears way back last year but never got around to putting them on a chain. Ash very kindly did this for me recently so I was finally able to give Emily her Christmas present. Pretty hard to get a good pic as they’re so damn shiny!




I’ve been pretty busy recently –  just finished off a new shirt design for Boxfresh which is quite  surreal… the design I mean, not the fact I have done a shirt for Boxfresh. I’m really looking forward to seeing the samples.

And I’m off to New York tomorrow! Myself, Posy Dixon, photographer Sam Hart and filmer Grace Ladoja will be mucking about on our bikes, drinking beer and having fun over the other side of the Atlantic for the next week. I can’t wait. Check out Grace looking super cool in Kate Moross’ illusrated portraits for Nike:




Lovely Carmela from Les Ettes hooked us up with a friend of hers who is lending us her apartment in NYC… which has a hot tub on the roof. YEAH! We are a lucky bunch. I’m gonna have to take some proper tea and some marmite with me but I am looking forward to trying strange American snack items such as squirty cheese in a can. And grape flavoured sweets. And Pop tarts.

We’ll be writing some stuff on the Huck Magazine blog which should be here.

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