PORC dirt jumps at Penshurst

I stayed in on New Years Eve so I could get up early to go ride trails, hangover free.

I was definitely not completely untainted by the demon booze the next day but i did haul my ass out of bed at 8am to go to PORC.

It was so fun there – just Dave and myself and a wee kiddie whose mum worked in the caff. There were all different sizes of jumps, a sick looking downhill course and 4cross track set over 42 acres. The jumps seemed well built and drained well though they were slightly rocky in parts. It was only a fiver to ride everything, which i think is a bargain.

Unfortunately, after a great start, Dave crashed BIG TIME and snapped his scaphoid. So no pics of riding I’m afraid and a grumpy Dave for the next two months ; )

The lady who ran the caff gave bandages, tea, paractamol and a ride back to the train station. What a lovely lady! Thank you so much!

I got a couple of pics of the fella on the way back.

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