I had a meeting in Paris on Wednesday about something dead exciting which I am not allowed to reveal just yet. So I randomly decided to go to Paris the day before to get some riding in and just to hang out I guess. So I went on a whim and without actually really knowing anyone there. Let me just say, life would be a lot duller without facebook!

When I turned up Nicolas was there to meet me as he’d been kind enough to offer me a place to stay! How nice is that? And things were good from start to finish. After the torrential rain stopped we rode off in the sunshine and popped into Cyclope before meeting Luis. We messed about in a nice square trying a few tricks and drinking a beer then rode down to the Seine. ACE!



That evening Nicolas had arranged for a few people to meet us at a square to go for a ride around Paris. It was SO nice! Seriously I can’t tell you how amazing it was to be riding around the streets of such a beautiful city with such a cool bunch of people.


We went on a mellow tour of the city before tackling the tough hill up to Montmartre which got the better of me at the last minute. After that we rode down the hill and sat by a canal drinking beer and eating junk food. I met two of the coolest girls I’ve met in a long time – Laura and Shiro. You girls rock! Come to London soon! Check Laura’s blog here – girl is baddass.

I met a ton of nice people from all over the world, it was awesome. Wei took some super nice pictures. Go check them out here. He’s dead good. Check this one of Shiro!


On Wednesday we went for amazing Japanese food  on rue St Anne and later had a picnic in Les Jardins des Tuileries before going to check out a DC party. Amazingly I managed to sniff out free booze within 24 hours of being in a new city! YEAH!




On Thursday I had the best lunch ever before heading off to catch a train to Basel. The TGV only takse three and a half hours and you can take your bike on without dismantling it if you book it on in advance and pay 10 euro. But when they say book in advance,  I did it when I bought my ticket which was about half and hour before hand. And so I rode of to Switzerland, pretty gutted to leave  Paris I must say but excited about the next part of my trip.

Thanks so much to Luis and Nicolas – these guys: Check Luis’s blog here for another pic coz he is cool and better at taking pics than me. Rock’n’rollin Fixie Riders blog is ace too so got check that here dude


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