All work. And a bit of play

I’ve been a little slack at posting here, what with getting the new Coven website up and running, posting on my Charge Bikes blog, arranging an exciting event in London (look out for invites soon), running my PR company, getting some riding in when the weather allows it and writing my Red Bull column. When you look at my Instagram it looks like I just run around having a laugh when in reality I’m generally sat in front of a computer. But I don’t tend to post pictures of that!

I did manage to squeeze in a quick surf trip:

Unfortunately my car died on me whilst camping in Cornwall but I had great time anyway, getting in a ride at The Track in Portreath (before spraining my wrist in their foampit).

Whilst I still had the motor, I managed to get out on the mountain bike up at Haldon. Though sadly I won’t be able to go again until I get another vehicle.

I tried to learn tables on my BMX:

And I had a play on my fixed gear:

I also went to Wheeldon to try out motocross for an upcoming piece in Coven Magazine. I’m completely hooked.

Other than that, there has just been the usual cat cuddling going on.

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