We went to see No Age play at The Dome in Tufnell Park last night.

The Dome is really wierd – it’s kinda like a venue that’s not in London, if you catch my drift. Its like a school hall or something. The first time Andrew went there in ’92 to see Cromags and I’ll bet that was a whole lot more enjoyable than last night.

I couldn’t stand the support bands, but that doesn’t matter so much. Afterall, I didn’t go to see thesupport bands, I went to see No Age.

So it was really annoying when some pissed up little chump kept leaping up on the stage, dancing about around and in front of Randy and eventually knocking over Dean’s mic stand  (which he didn’t even notice). 

A bunch of other people followed and there was a mass stage invasion with everyone dancing and bumping into the drums, the amps, Randy etc.. They were having fun, I guess, but have a little consideration for the guys playing the music and all the other people who paid to see NO AGE>

The crowd got off the stage after a couple of songs but the original dickhead just couldn’t get enough. He was so damn annoying, I just cannot even begin to tell you. I mean, why the fuck would he think we want to look at him? As I said before, we came to watch NO AGE not a pissed up little shit. Start your own goddam band if you are so desperate to be on stage and to have everyone looking at you. Or learn to control your alcohol intake.

Eventually someone wrestled him off the stage to a collective cheer. But the whole thing was so damn annoying, it just kinda ruined the whole evening.


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