Nitro Circus and motocross envy

OH MY GAWD I WANT A MOTORBIKE! Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve wanted one, then I went to Wheeldon and rode motocross this summer and upped the lust a little and last week’s outing to Nitro Circus has done little to diminish the craving.

Pre-practice, I squeezed in a backstage chat with with Lyn-z Adams Hawkins and Jolene Van Vugt, which I posted this week on the Red Bull site, then I headed to the arena for some close up motocross action, whip after whip flying in endless trains. Lyn-z was working on her 360’s over the 50 foot gap of the mega ramp, and Jolene didn’t show, probably wanting to save  her ravaged body for the show that evening.

lyn-z adams hawkins pastrana

Showtime, my  heart a syncopated pattern of joy, I made my decision. I am buying a bike and it’s gotta be a KTM. Now I just need a garage. And a van. Hmm…

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