I’m getting a bit bored of Christmas so it’s lucky that’s its just finished. Bah humbug!

Nah, seriously, I’ve had a nice time and all that but I have done so much nothing that its starting to drive me a bit mad. Most people have gone away for the holidays so there aren’t many riding buddies around. Come home friends!

Anyway, despite the fact I’ve just begun to get cabin fever, I have enjoyed good company and nice food and drink over this period as well as some good music. My new favourite song has to be Nick The Chopper by Baris Manco; a seventies turkish gem about an evil woodsman who chops down trees who ultimately extract their revenge by strangling him with their branches.

Also been enjoying wearing my new Actual Pain top which I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas. I really like their stuff so stoked to have an item of their clothing. They have some great podcast kinda things you can download too – got a mix tape from them by Fenriz from Darkthrone, bandmate of Nocturno Culto who is up there in the snowy picture at the top of my blog. Go check their mixtapes for cool stuff.

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