We are having a great time in New York having already got our lips tattoed, ridden with some new friends, had a good brunch, drunk bloody marys, visited Boneshaker’s and Trackstar, Neighburrito and Economy Candy…. I stuck a couple of pics of the lips here. Below is Jack getting his done. It said ‘SHRED”!

jack crank

Today started with a blonde moment to match my new shitty hairdo. I managed to set two packs of poptarts on fire. DUH….  I had to eat the second lot after chucking the first as they cost me a bloody fortune! The exchange rate is TERRIBLE for us at the moment. How the hell can it be 3 dollars for a can of soup? You can get soup for about 30p in England.

pop tarts on fire

Anyway, we rode down by the Hudson and found some basketball courts where a guy was having a solo rollerblade session. We invited ourselves in and did some bicycle trickery for Sam’s lens and generally cavorted about trying to get some snaps. Sam’s saving all the good ones she took so here’s one of my snaps of Sam and Posy:

posy and sam

Jessica put a nice post on her blog about our day. Check it out here

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