Jesus, we have been having the best time in NYC. I must confess, I feel really rough after last night’s shennanigans but here’s a few pics of what we’ve been up to.

Last night we went to Lakeside Lounge, ate Pizza and then headed to Second Chance Saloon. Then we all hung out in Jack’s fancy warehouse/loft , sampled some beer and tried on Posy’s latest thrift store purchase:

tony fast


We put stuff on Posy after she passed out; we’re mature like that:


This morning we enjoyed the view from Luke Stiles’ roof after he cooked us up some breakfast. He also showed us some footage from Empire which looked really good. I had to stay away from the edge as I’m really scared of heights. Here’s Tom totally unfazed by it:


We checked out the Mishka store:


and Dave’s Quality Meats:



Went down to Dumbo


and had a look out over the water. It was so sunny and warm!


We rode over Brooklyn Bridge:


and hung out in the sunshine, razzed around town and had a good time. I love riding in New York, the big, wide, straight roads and fast traffic are fun.

I cant believe we only have a couple more days. Got a shit load of stuff to do tomorrow then gonna go to Peel Sessions on Thursday followed by a metal show somewhere in Brooklyn. We have to leave at 5am on Friday so I’m thinking it might be an all nighter. Right now though, its all about sleep.

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