As someone who enjoys putting together an outfit for riding or the gym – and I make no apologies for this – I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be riding Smith road and (open face) mountain bike helmets this year. And just to be sure that I look totally on point every time I go anywhere near a bike, I’ll also be wearing their glasses and goggles.

Smith started out by making ski goggles before moving into other forms of eyewear and ski and snowboard helmets, the latter being why I’ve long known of the company. These days they make some of the finest, lightest road and mountain bike helmets with a strong emphasis on style matched by their passion for safety.



What I particularly like is the way their helmets and cycling sunglasses are designed to perfectly integrate with each other, not just because they’re produced in matching and/or complimentary colour ways but because the shape of the lenses mirror the shape of the lid and the straps don’t get in the way of the arms.

This year I’ll be wearing the new Flywheel glasses (I’m wearing them in the photo above) a really cool retro/modern pair of sunnies that look good and give plenty of coverage – a necessity as my eyes water so much (even without sunnies) that I really take care to keep the wind out my eyes when I riding. Otherwise I can’t see.

I’ll also be using the Attack Max, which I’ve used and loved before. To me, this pair represents enormous value for money as you actually get two lenses in the carry case, so if you swap the arms between the two, you’ve essentially got two pairs of glasses for the price of one.

Both sunglasses use Smith’s ChromaPop lenses that offer unparalleled clarity of vision and are designed to withstand the rigours of bike racing.


When it comes to helmets, my choices are the Trace MIPS and Network MIPS for road and the Session MIPS and Forefront MIPS.

All of them have the added protection of MIPS, which is an extra layer inside the helmet that rotates ever so slightly in the event of an impact, reducing rotational impact. Think of it this way, if your helmet is tight on your head and you hit an abrasive surface, the drag would cause your head to turn sharply. MIPS reduces that.


I’m really thrilled to be working with such a cool brand and can’t wait to wear their awesome stuff in training, racing and during all my travels this year. Here’s to a new relationship, whoop!

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