Wah Magazine and Wah Nails

Go check out the new Wah Magazine site, here. Its looking amazing! We’re gonna be making a little vid in NYC for Wah TV so watch out for that. In the meantime, there’s a bunch of cool stuff on there including blogs from several people including Grace. Looky here.

And coming soon: Wah Nails, a new salon in Dalston. I reckon I would look bloody hilarious with some crazy airbrushed nails stuck on. I had  nails glued on for a photo shoot once and it felt fucking feaky having these great big talons shooting out from the end of my fingers. I am gonna have to get the most retarded airbrushed design I can dream up. Hmmm… or maybe I will get them painted to look like watermelons.

From Sharmadean:

“Soooooo, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE nails! But what people dont know is that I HATE getting them done, its so boring! You sit there for an hour or so just not talking, you cant read a book or listen to music…some salons have TV in them now but that is hit and miss. I used to put off getting my nails done for as long as possible as I just found the whole thing tiresome. So what better way to please myself and expand the WAH brand than by opening my own nail salon?!! We’re gonna have a fully fledged WAH HQ, with WAH Nails salon upstairs and WAH Magazine office in the basement, catering for all your WAH girls as well as the local Dalstonites.

You’ll be able to watch the latest music videos, movies, chat to young enthusiatic nail technicians precisely about your treatment and proper nailcare, have a cocktail on the weekend and generally just hang out with a bunch of cool girls in the heart of East London. Best of all – whatever you want on your nails – we will make it happen!”


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