New shirt on its way and I’m off to Berlin

I should have these new shirts by the end of the week. I seem to have migrated away from the black and into the world of colour recently; I’m not sure how that happened… but this should correct the balance. This shirt is a collaboration between Hell Yeah and Nihilimus, a clothing company by the man behind Aurora Borealis Records. The top image is on the front, and the bottom cog is on the back and a great deal smaller.

I’m off to Berlin with the girls I ride with on Friday for a weekend of riding, drinking, riding, drinking…. and a bit of culture. We’re gonna get some pictures, words and film for the guys at Cooler magazine. I have bought a dodgy old camcorder from ebay and haven’t done any filming before so it should be….interesting? It doesn’t have steady cam and with these shaky mits the footage might not be of the highest standard. Still, even Herzog had to start somewhere, eh?

Whilst we’re there we also going to meet up with some Berlin folk, visit the Keirin Cafe and Cicli Berlinetta. We were hoping to visit the Velodrome, but don’t have time for the induction on our short trip. We will, however, manage to squeeze in a game of polo. Bad news for me, because I am shit at it.

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