New Charge Scissor V2 bike check

I just got the new Charge Scissor V2 frame through. This is the production model of the frame I’ve been riding for a few months. The head tube and seat tubes are shorter but the top tube remains the same.

Here are the full specs

Frame: Charge Scissor V2

Fork: Charge Scissor Fork

Cranks: Profile race cranks 165mm

Chain ring: Profile 38 tooth

Pedals: Carhartt

Straps: Sofus Francisco

Chain: KMC Ultralight

Stem: Eclat

BB: Eclat Spanish BB

Bars: Gusset Open Prison

Grips: Carhartt

Headset: FSA

Seatpost: God knows what pivotal

Saddle: Odyssey

Rims: Chukka 26inch

Hubs: System Ex

Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon 1.75 x 26

Sprocket: 17 tooth something or other

Just one point: This frame is designed for 700c wheels so the bottom bracket is rather low with these 26 inch wheels. I’m eiher gonna be trying some shorter cranks or swopping back to the 700s.

All I need to do now is get back into riding the bugger! Been riding BMX a fair bit whenever the weather has allowed. When I went out on the fixed gear last night to try it out I totally sucked.

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