My Gravel Racing specific training

As I’m placing more of an emphasis on gravel racing than fixed gear crit racing in 2020, I’ve enlisted the help of Train Sharp to prepare. In this video I talk you through the early winter training I’m doing to get ready for the numerous endurance based races I’ll be tackling in 2020.

Making the switch from largely short, fast, super intense racing to waaaaay longer, sometimes multi-day events sure isn’t easy. I’m having to try quite hard to silence the annoying little voice that pops up from time to time telling me that I can’t do it, a voice that usually rears its irritating head when I’m partway through a ride but feeling slow or tired.


June 1 2019
Tuscany Trail
Unsupported Bicycle Adventure
Photo: Eloise Mavian /


Quite clearly, I actually believe I can do it other, otherwise, I wouldn’t be embarking on this new chapter in my racing career. If I seriously believed I couldn’t race the events I’ve signed up for, I wouldn’t bother wasting time or money attempting them.

It sure is annoying to have a little chimp on my shoulder talking nonsense so I’ve found a tactic that helps. I acknowledge the voice but ignore it and carry on doing what I’m doing. It’s a bit like having an irritating little brother – I just nod and think ‘you’re entitled to that opinion but I’m going to do this anyway.’

So the question that leaves me asking is: Am I smart, discovering this tactic? Or just a madwoman that talks to herself (albeit silently)?

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