Now that the dust has settled from 2018, I’ve enjoyed some time off at Christmas and mourned the loss of my favourite cat Sid (sob), it’s time to nail down my plans for 2019.

With the huge change in my circumstances making me closely examine how I allocate pretty much every single minute of my time, I realise that this year I have to be really selective about what I do and make sure that each event or trip really delivers. Along with prioritising key events, my time management will have to be spot on; I need to buy another weekly planner so that I can continue my tradition of mapping out the week ahead each Sunday evening. 



I also need to ensure that I only go for events that I realistically have the time to train for. One of the reasons I like training for road and fixed crits is because they’re short events so I can easily manage the kind of HIIT training they require. The fact I can do the kind of training necessary for short, fast races indoors on my turbo trainer is also a big help, now that I’m a time strapped parent. 



Having said that, no matter how sensible I try to be, I’m still me and I still get overexcited about things. So, despite telling my friend Dalany that I wasn’t going to do any stage racing or endurance events, I’ve somehow found coming around to the idea of entering an unsupported bikepacking race in Italy. Go figure!


Photo: Frankie Snell


Along with the events I’ve outlined below, I’m also mega excited to be working closely with Zippand Sramthis year, in addition to my wonderful long term supporters ASSOSand Vans. I’ll therefore be squeezing in some shoots and product launches with those guys I 2019. As well as getting early access to some incredible new products. Keep an eye on my YouTube channel for the reveals!



Here’s what I have on the cards for the year ahead, in theory at least – I’m sure plenty will change. This doesn’t include local and regional road races and crits as I don’t have the calendar yet. There are already a lot of date clashes so I’m going to have to refine and adapt this list. I’m also not guaranteed entry to all of these!



Mini Downhill – Forest Of Dean – DH MTB


Paris Roubaix or Tribe Ride to Paris – Road

Red Hook Crit Brooklyn or Mission Crit – Fixed


Thundercrit – Fixed gear

Southern Enduro Champs – Enduro MTB


Fixed Nations Cup or Tuscany Trail – Fixed or Bikepacking Endurance

Malverns Classic – Downhill MTB

Gritfest – Gravel


Grinduro – Gravel


Toros de Gravel – Gravel Red Hook Crit Milan – Fixed Gear


Is there a must-do event that I’ve missed from my list? Or a must visit place? Let me know in the comments below.

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