Way back when I’d just become fixated with riding fixed gear in London, Charge Bikes sent Alex Rankin along to shoot a film all about me riding the Charge Plug in the city.

It was a really fun time, people were so amped on getting together to ride; it was like when I first started snowboarding – if you saw another person riding fixed (or a snowboard), you’d say hello.  We were beginning to explore the possibility of learning tricks on a fixed gear, bike polo was getting bigger and everyone was talking about fixed gear.

I mention in the new video that fixed gear was ‘new’. Just to clarify, I meant new to me, and new to the vast majority of people… Yep, I know track bikes have been around for an age!

Anyway, hope you like the new video. In it, Alex asks me what I’ve been up to since the first video, and discovers that a lot has changed.

If you’d like to watch my first Charge Bikes video, you can find it here, and if you’d like to see the second one, it’s here. The third one is here.

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