Rather than giving stuff up or trying to think of ways to be ‘a better me,’ when a brand new year begins I prefer to spend time thinking about what I’d like to do over the coming 12 months.

This year, I began by titling my list  ‘Goals for 2016,’ but as I started writing things it became clear that I don’t really have any specific goals as such, more a bunch of things of things I’m probably going to do anyway. So rather than having to push myself and be motivated, my main struggle is going to be having enough time and money to do everything I want to do.


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When it comes to setting real goals, that are specific, measurable, achievable and all down to me (rather than being affected by others), I’ve been struggling. I’d like to be fitter and faster as racing is even more enjoyable when you are, but how can I measure my fitness? I could write that I’d like to finish in a higher place at the Red Hook Crit, but my fitness isn’t the only determining factor in that – it depends on the performances of the other riders too.

So whilst I figure out a way of setting some fitness targets (any tips gratefully received!), here’s my kind of sort of list of cycling goals for 2016.

  • Compete in all events in the Red Hook Crit series.
  • Enter (my first) road race.
  • Upgrade my British Cycling race license to Cat 3.
  • Compete in a round of the UK Enduro Series.
  • Go to Eroica California.
  • Take my mountain bike to Morzine.
  • Go on a training camp
  • Go to Malaga and ride Ruben Alcantara’s skatepark.
  • Go cycle touring and camp out.
  • Get to the velodrome once a month.
  • Enter at least three cross races
  • Qualify as a British Cycling Mountain Bike Leader.
  • Race (some of) track league (I can’t afford to go very often as the velodrome is so far).
  • Demo a full on Downhill mountain bike.


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Aside from cycling, I’d like to:

  • Grow some of my own food to eat – Dave and I just picked up the keys to our new allotment.
  • Bake some amazing new cakes – if you fancy sharing any recipes (particularly vegan ones!), that would be amazing.
  • Paint the shed.

What are your goals for 2016? Have I missed anything fun from my list of things to do? Where will you be going with your bicycle this year?



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