…Is healing. The bruising is really coming out nicely. I have never been so colourful.


Emily and I went to the Vans thingy at Slam on Wednesday and then on to the Document Plus1 shindig at the Macbeth. We may have had one or two beers in the photo above.

Charge sent me these gloves which I’ve been road testing. They’re super nice but its getting so damn cold, I think I’m gonna need something thicker for winter.


I’ve also been trying out these DIY powergrips that Ted made. It feels really nice to have such a large platform, plus I’m not scraping and squishing my clips the whole time when I’m trying stuff on the underside of the pedals. The only problem is getting the sizing right. These are made out of a judo belt and either my feet are shrinking or its stretching…


John Cardiel was in town and came over to the Fixed Gear London place. He was pretty taken with Ted’s titanium Charge Plug. Andy got a snap of him on it which is on the Fixed Gear London blog.

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