My Cycling Bucket Wishlish

I’ve always been kind of anti ‘bucket lists.’ For some reason I find the whole concept slightly depressing – to me bucket lists bring your mortality into sharp focus and I don’t like to spend a whole lot of time thinking about dying, strangely enough. But a list of the best places to cycle, or a cyclist’s wishlist… now that’s another matter.

I spend a really large amount of time daydreaming and vaguely planning things, in fact probably way more time that I spend actually doing them. I think that’s a pretty common phenomenon in these days of inspiration overload, we waste time voyeuristically browsing Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr enjoying other people’s adventures from afar and thinking how cool they look.

So in an effort to stop frittering hours dreaming and free up some time for more doing, I’ve decided to get my wishlist down on paper, or the virtual equivalent. I love a list, so let’s begin.


I’ve actually been to Iceland, and that’s why I want to go again but with my bike. The last time I was there I was shooting for Tatler wearing a dress and bobbing about in a boat in front of an iceberg (I kind of wish I still had those photos!). The next time I go, there will be no make up artists, simply me, my bike, Dave and all our camping paraphernalia.


I’ve been dreaming of surfing in a bikini off a dreamy white beach fringed with palm trees for more years than I can remember. And then someone told there’s mountain biking in Hawaii and the place moved up a spot on my list.





I went to Japan last year with Dave and holy CRAP it was everything I thought it would be and ten million times more. When my mind drifts away into bliss, I often find myself careering round the Izu peninsular, panniers filled with onigiri. Sneaky camping in Japan was the nuts, as were the official campsites… well, all except the one where we couldn’t wash because we have tattoos so weren’t allowed into the bath/onsen.


Ok, there’s a bit of a theme here – I’ve been to California before too, in fact I lived there for a while. But I never rode my bike there, made it to Big Sur or hung out feeling awesome, hitting up beaches and skateparks in San Diego or Malibu. It’s got to be done.

Morzine, France

Somewhat unbelievably for someone who loves mountain biking but significantly prefers NOT riding up hills on said bikes, I’ve never been to the European mountain bike mecca of Morzine. Getting chairlifts up the hill then riding down what look like excellent trails is pretty much my idea of heaven. I went to Les Arcs to the Mountain Bike Chalet for a similar trip and it was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had. Actually, I’d bloody love to go there again.





Here’s a place I’ve never been but really want to visit. I’m just a little worried about cycling there as I’ve heard that the roads are pretty chaotic, and naturally I’d want to travel by bike. But Kerala looks like a rather lovely place, so here’s hoping India happens some day.

Ray’s MTB

Next on the list, Rays MTB indoor mountain bike park, but specifically on the annual women’s weekend if possible. I’ve always wanted to ride this place, as there’s jump after perfect jump. Bliss.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown bike park and  Skyline look amazing. And New Zealand, who the hell wouldn’t want to go there?


Every year, just when it’s cold, shitty weather in the UK, everyone sods off to ‘training camp’ in Mallorca to ride road bikes in the sun. It looks like road bike paradise with beautiful routes to ride around the island in the sun, and nothing to think about except cycling and coffee.

Ok, enough daydreaming. I need to go do some work to fund these adventures. Let me know if the comments if you think I’ve missed somewhere.. I did, didn’t I? Norway and Sweden for a start!

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