My Awesome Track Debut At Newport Velodrome

IMG_4233-1-2As a female involved in sports such as BMX, snowboarding, mountain biking and the like, one of the questions you’re asked the most is how you overcome your fear. It seems to be one of the main things other women want to know about; maybe they’re hoping there’s some magical technique, some wizardry of sorts. There isn’t!

I feel like it’s a common misconception amongst my friends that I’m somehow fearless, and whilst it’s kinda nice that so many people think I’m like, totally badass, I do feel that it’s worth dispelling the myth that all things come easily to me and women similar to myself. The thing is, some of the stuff I do is pretty scary, sometimes I can panic, and I frequently completely psych myself out of doing things at all! But you battle on through, you take the giant petrifying leap, and after you’ve terrified yourself several times over whatever it is you’re doing becomes less scary.

Anyway, I wrote an article for the latest issue on Coven Magazine about frightening myself at the velodrome. Perhaps you might find it interesting! Read the full article here.

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