My 2014 Top Ten For Huck Magazine

The lovely folks over at Huck Magazine recently asked me which bike related happenings, products and cycling stuff had stood out for me this year. It was a bit of a tough question, as so much has happened in 2014, and rather than scrabbling about for what to put on this list, I actually had to leave quite a lot of stuff out.


They’ve posted my top ten bike related things of 2014 over on their site, so pop on over and have a look if you want to see what caught my eye or made me smile. And whilst you’re there, you may as well have a gander at the piece they wrote on my escapades in self publishing (although it looks like I have brown teeth in one of the photos, and really don’t, I promise!)

As for personal things that stood out, well that’s another post entirely, but one I may well pen over the Christmas holidays once I’ve a little time for myself. Hope this year has been good to you too.





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