My 15 Hour Training Week

This week I take you through a typical week of my training. I am getting prepared for some pretty epic gravel races and events that will really push me both mentally and physically so my training can be tough.

I’ve worked with various coaches since I started racing. I’ve also coached myself and both have real benefits. As my life can be pretty chaotic, at the end of last year I decided to start working with a new coach – Train Sharp – as I felt like I wanted to reexamine what I was doing as I change focus from short crit races to long gravel and endurance based events.

The switch really reinvigorated and motivated me. It might sound silly, but I wanted to prove myself to my new coach and show him what I am capable of and how committed I am. I also got a real buzz from the different approach and fresh way of doing thing.s

I’ve been working with Connor at Train Sharp for a few months now and I am really starting to see some progress. The progress has been a slow build, which is just perfect as I’ve not been ill or completely worn myself out in an unmanageable way – something I struggled with over the previous 18 months.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Be sure to leave me any specific questions about my training in the comments below.


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