MTB Bikepacking Set Up & MTB Child Seat

In this week’s video I show you the steel 29er mountain bike from Brother Cycles that I’ll be taking bikepacking in Wales, the Big Bro. I test it out with the Mac Ride child seat (the absolute best MTB friendly child seat), a front-mounted attachment that you can even use on a carbon frame.


We head out for a family ride up the traffic-free Stover Trail with some off-road segments, gravel and tarmac and have a great time. We also swing by one of my favourite cycling cafes near Dartmoor, Cafe 360 for a slice of their vegan banana and chocolate cake.



The Mac Ride child seat if best for slightly old or more capable toddlers and it doesn’t support your child and it requires them to hold on. It’s ideal if your child is into bikes, maybe rides their balance bike a lot or just enjoys the thrill of being up front rather than looking at the back of your head.

If your child is liable to fall asleep, can’t be trusted to hold on or keep their feet in the foot straps or can’t support themselves adequately, please consider a rigid rear mounted child bike seat with a seatbelt instead.

If you’ve any questions about bike seats for children and toddlers, leave them below. I’ve tried and few and I’m happy to help.

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