Met Video – We Are Italians

Ok, so we’re not Italians, but Met Helmets are, and last year they were kind enough to invite Dave Noakes and I to visit the beautiful area that they call home.

Lake Como is not only home to the mega rich, but also can in some ways be described as the spiritual home of cycling, well in Italy at least. The area is a road cyclist’s dream, with landmarks such as Madonna Del Ghisallo, ‘the church of cycling,’ the legendary Muro Di Sormano and a little further away from the Lake, the Splugen Pass.

met we are italians 2

met we are italian screenshot

The trip was an absolute blast, and we had a great time riding around the region, me on my Charge ‘Filter,’ and Dave on a Moda Stretto. Take a look at the video here, or read a little more about the trip here.

As always, a massive thanks to Jean-Pierre from Met, and our cinematographer Gian Luca, both of whom are awesome human beings and made sure we had a brilliant time.

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