Megadeth and Judas Priest at Wembley, Sunn O))) at Corsica Studios

I made the trek over to Wembley on Saturday for Priest Feast and it didnt disappoint! I missed Testament as they were on ridiculously early – 6.15! Curfews in the UK are so early; its retarded!


Megadeth were really good apart from some terrible ballad which I hated, but they did play Wake Up Dead which is one of my favourites. I couldnt stop thinking of Mustaine in ‘Some Kind Of Monster’ though and that kind of took the sheen off things.

judas priest at wembley

The Priest rocked it!  Halford is such a metalist! He came on looking like he was in Chrome Hoof in a wierd shiny silver hooded robe and stood swaying on a platform holding a giant staff. Then he proceeded to change into a different leather fringed/studded/shiny jackets between every song. Oh, and he rode his Harley onto the stage for Hell Bent For Leather, of course. I was slightly disappointed that they didnt play Living After Midnight, but maybe the fact that it was about 9.30pm had some influence on that decision. Halford’s voice was AMAZING! The bassist looked like a strange sort of shrivelled disco dwarf.  Quite odd.

judas priest at wembley

On Sunday I went to see Grumblin  Fur and Sunn 0))) at Corsica Studios in Elephant & Castle. I was really pleased my bike didnt get nicked as being a northern softie who rarely ventures south of the river, I was a little worried. Plus two of my mates had their bikes pinched during the day. Anyway, Grumblin Fur are Alexander Tucker and Daniel from Guapo/Miasma/Aethenor and they have a record out on Southern soon. I wasn’t suprised when they started building up layers using loop pedals etc as I know Alex is good at that kind of stuff, but I was suprised when I really liked it. It would be good to listen to on a long train journey whilst looking out of the window and drinking beer.

Sunn 0))) though…. More like Yawn 0)))  I have seen them a bunch of times and I always go with an open mind but its always boring. Maybe its my attention span. They are good at what they do but I am not really into what they do.

Sunn 0))) at Corsica Studios

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