Meet Me At Red Bull Fuxjagd

Red Bull are putting on a fixed gear pursuit race in Vienna this April, and I’ll be there to race, host a women’s fixed gear workshop and take part in a Friday night ride. The race, Red Bull Fuxjagd, sees two riders start on opposing sides of a course and then try to close the gap and catch their opponent.


Juliet Elliott Red Bull Fuxjagd Fixed Gear RaceJuliet Elliott Red Bull Fuxjagd Fixed Gear Race


Curious about which of my bikes I’d be bringing along to the event, the team asked me to send them a bit of info on why I’d chosen this particular machine. I duly sent over some words and snaps, but now I’m not even sure that IS the bike I’ll be taking… I also have a rather lovely Titanium Charge Plug with slightly different geometry and I’m now wondering whether to take that instead.


Juliet Elliott Red Bull Fuxjagd Fixed Gear Race


But anyway, if you’re interested in finding out more about my custom Charge Plug track bike or what elements of your set up you should consider tweaking if you’re entering the race, head over to the Red Bull site to have a look. And whilst you’re there, why not sign up for the race?

Photos: Dave Noakes


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