Manon Carpenter’s a demon on the bike…

A couple of weeks back, I headed to Motion Ramp Park in Bristol for a girl’s session. In the car with my two buddies, we were wondering if we’d be the only girls riding BMX, over run with scooters and seriously hoping we wouldn’t be. But when we walked in we saw at three other ladies riding already, bringing the total number of ladies on bikes up to six, near enough the largest group of women I’ve ridden with at a skatepark. Katy Curd was riding her mountain bike, and turns out the other two, Jess and Manon, ride mountain bikes too.

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I tried to film some clips with the new Red Bull flow app, but honestly, I kinda suck at filming when my mind’s on the riding. Unfortunately I felt pretty sick that day, so I wanted to ride for a bit before my mind and body gave up on me. That happened after a few hours and I had to get the train back to London before too long. But anyway, the point I was getting to is that one of the riders was Manon Carpenter, the former Junior World Downhill Champion who blasted her way up the ranks of the Elite category this year. She’s pretty handy on her BMX and motocross too, so I had a chat with her for my Red Bull column. Head on over and find out more about her and watch her awesome new edit from Malaga’s Bike Shuttle, which looks like a dream holiday.

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