London’s fashionable London

I’ve just been kicking about in London this summer – I’m not taking a summer holiday because I’m saving for my West Coast roadtrip in October. But there has been loads of good stuff happening here anyway.

Saw Sylosis at the Underworld. They were proper good thrash and have an album out on Nuclear Blast. There weren’t shit loads of people at the show but still a lot of crowd surfing. One dude jumped off the stage and no one caught him so he slammed so hard into the floor. I saw him being carted off in an ambulance later.


Went to some warehouse thing and watched Alex Tucker play. I really like his stuff but it was really quiet and I couldnt hear what he was doing properly.

alex tucker

Josh cooked us all dinner. It was nice but we didnt eat till 1.30am by which time our appetites were waning……


I made these badboys. Didnt eat them though.


Went to see Pearl Jam at the O2. I’ve never really been that bothered about Pearl Jam but thought I might as well check em out for nowt. The sound was spot on and his voice was ace.


Went to the Beautiful Loser’s private view in Covent Garden where I spotted this nice pic of Nugget taken by Sam Ashley. I really like this photo and thought I’d like one until I realised it would be a bit wierd having a photo of Nugget on my wall………


I liked this one too:


And last night went party chasing last night with these guys. Gave up about 4am which felt really early. Jesus. I need to rejig my sleeping patterns. Now that I am ‘freelance’ which some cheeky gits have also termed ‘lazy/workshy’ I have been enjoying lie ins. Didn’t actually get out of bed on Wednesday till 4pm. Whoops.

jethro and sophie

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