London town: Where Work Meets Pleasure

I had such a fun time in London last week!

I kicked things off with a few meetings then headed over to interview Valerie Phillips for a Coven Magazine feature. She gave me a whole load of her brilliant books to peruse so I grabbed myself some sushi at the Japan Centre and had a little read. Next up was a little visit to the Rapha Cafe where I sipped a flat white whilst looking through the latest Rouleur magazine.

After a quick stop at Tokyo Fixed, I headed over to the Victorinox store on Bond Street for the ‘Protect’ launch I was hosting as part of Vogue’s Fashions Night Out.

The party was a brilliant success, everyone loved the collection and I had the opportunity to catch up with heaps of my friends. After a night in a Grosvenor Square hotel, which felt odd as last time I was in Grosvenor Square I was delivering a package for City Sprint, I had a couple more meetings then headed over to the Design Museum.

Friday night at the Design Museum was the inaugural Bikes V Design Night, and along with a few other people including Peter Piper from The Fifth Floor, Karta from the Bicycle Library and frame builder Ben Wilson, I gave a talk on bicycle design. Actually, I gave two talks as they made me repeat my speech. I was kinda nervous but I think I hid it well… Well I didn’t stop talking for the allotted time and people seemed interested! Following that, I did a quick interview for a Design Museum piece about the event before riding back home.

Saturday, I headed up to The Spot in Tottenham on my BMX. Oh, how I love that place! After that it was BBQ time in London fields and a few beers.

On Sunday I headed up to the ladies ponds in Hamstead Heath. It was lush! The whole place is so pretty, quite literally a magical oasis in London. And I followed that with a lovely lunch in Hamstead with the girls then more BMXing. Ace!

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