London Cycling Campaign and Greenwich NHS in Urban Cyclist

I recently went down to Charlton FC to find out more about the brilliant bike loan scheme which London Cycling Campaign and On Your Bike have been implementing with Greenwich NHS.

For a meagre £10, anyone in Greenwich can try a bike for a month, access support and training and just see how cycling works out for them. The ten quid also includes membership of the LCC, which gets you third party insurance, legal advice, a subscription to their mag, and helps fund campaigning for safer streets.

Urban Cyclist London Cycle Campaign 2

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog you probably cycle and maybe you didn’t think twice about getting a bike, but the people I met were scared to try, had no money or space for a bike or just didn’t know how to begin cycling in the capital. The change this simple machine made to their lives was profound!  If you’d like to know more about the scheme, check out the latest issue of Urban Cyclist and head over to London Cycling Campaign’s website for more information.

Would you like to see this kind of scheme where you live?


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