Les Ettes/Juli-Ette at Bright

Posy and I went over to Bright, a streetwear, skate and sports tradeshow in Berlin to have a few meetings. And go to a few parties!

I finally got to see the finished sample of the lip gloss I’m putting out with Les Ettes. Came out nice and should be in shops in Autumn. We’re gonna have a Juli-Ette nail varnish out for Christmas too. Nuts eh?

Here’s the postcard thingy with some ‘artwork’ I did. I’m glad they left beer and marmite on there!

The display at Bright:

Posy and I rented these big bikes to go exploring. I felt clumsy as hell on mine. In fact we ended up lying in a heap with my feet covered in blood. Whoops.

No matter how few clothes you were wearing, you couldn’t stop sweating. It was so hot! Posy and I skived off and went swimming at the Badeshiff:

On Thursday night we went to watch the Tony Hawk Show. It was pretty wierd actually and he kept falling over. I was disappointed Lynz Adams-Hawkins didn’t skate as I’d have loved to have seen her.

On Friday we went back to Bright for a meeting then met up with the fixed gear crew from London plus Rip Zinger and Dustin from Cadence.

Bright put on a great feast then we went on to reek destruction at a party. Posy and I were caught smuggling in a bottle of Finlandia but we managed to get it back from the bouncers and drank it anyway. And THAT’s why we missed our flights home, waking up five hours too late…..

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