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I couldn’t think on a good title for this post but the above pretty much sums it up. It’s been so hot and sunny and I’ve just wanted to ride my bike and swim rather than do computer shit. I’ve become pretty obsessed with riding BMX so at the moment I’ve just been riding that. Though of course the Charge Scissor will always retain a place in my heart. I may just be ‘going through a phase’….

Last week Minh Ai drove us up to Chicksands. I wanted to jump some tables before I started jumping proper doubles but the tables were pretty fucked with holes in the landings. I wound up jumping the first jump on the 4x over and over again instead. I loved it! I LITERALLY had to be carried away from the place when the others wanted to leave as I wouldn’t stop riding.

After Chicksands we drove to a beautiful wild swimming spot. I didnt take any pictures as I left my phone in the car. DUR. It was so pretty.

After swimming we got chatting to a couple of dudes at the pub who had spotted our BMXs strapped to the car. They told us that an amazing skatepark was just around the corner so we decided to check it out. And it WAS amazing! Massive vert ramp with huge transitions, spined mini which hipped into a bowl, a street course with a vert wallride and boxes etc plus another mini. All for free! It was ace. I messed about on the street course then rode the vert a bit (without dropping in) and it felt great. Probably should take some pads for that next time…

On Saturday I met up with my friends and rode down to a squat in Camberwell to watch some bands and have a vegan BBQ.

I still don’t know the name of Graham’s band but they slayed it. I am still damaged from the mosh.

Actually, speaking of damaged, check out the state of my legs now I’ve started riding BMX. Cut, bruised swollen mess. Oh yeah and Fran and I accidentally came dressed as eachother…

On Sunday we rode up the canal to Walham Forest to swim as it was super hot.

Ted had his new bike out… The paint job looks pretty neat. Its a kinda rough/matte glittery grey with a purple and green fade:

Taliban  continues to get shit from scallies for his love heart….

We had a picnic, hung out and drank a couple of beers.

And giggled about Georgie changing her tube in a bikini. Heehee. Yes, we are that immature. No doubt we always will be.

Tom’s pants mysteriously got stuck in a tree…

And we had a lovely swim. Life’s not too bad sometimes

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