I met up the girls for some kind of Bicycle Treasurehunt. I’m not sure what we were hunting actually; all I found was that the basement of the Market Bar behind Topshop really stinks of shit. How those poor sods work there, I don’t know.


Anyway, the bike thingy (it was a little confused….) was to celebrate the launch of the Cyclodelic concession at Topshop, so if you need a cape to ride your bike in, head on down there.


Here’s wee Kat, who writes Katablog. Kat is off on a six week tour of the States and Canada, the lucky bugger. She’lll be going to SF, LA, Vancouver, Portland, ermm… a bunch of places. Currently needs fixed gear bike friends to show her round LA. I’m sure she’ll have no trouble making friends!


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