Landscape Magazine interview

I do tend to try not to double post on my two blogs, but on the odd occasion I do it anyway. In case anyone is even remotely interested in why I have two blogs, here is the answer:

I have a blog with my sponsor, Charge Bikes, which they asked me to start writing when I started riding for them. However, I didn’t know how that whole thing was gonna work out and I thought that if I got ditched, my blog would disappear… so I kept this Hell Yeah one which I’d just started alive.. also, I didn’t want to put all the irrelevant bullshit I get up to on the Charge one. Anyway, my Charge blog is here.

So, back to the point; Landcape Magazine published an interview with me which you can read here and seeing as I like the editor and I like the mag, I thought I’d put it on this blog even though I already wrote about it on the other one!

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