Kye Forte Red Bull Flow Edit

I’ve been having fun playing around with the Red Bull Flow app. It’s a neat little way of sharing your BMX and skating clips; you can set up a rider and/or filmer profile then you upload mini clips and tag them by trick, rider, spot or session. If you click on one of the tags, you can watch all the clips in the sequence, or flow, geddit?

Red Bull asked a few of us to create mini edits using the app, so I headed down my local trails, Decoy to film Kye Forte for mine. So far, so easy; all I had to do was upload the clips in the opposite order to how I’d filmed them and tag them with ‘julietelliottphoneedit,’ –  when I watched them back, the flow would start with the last clip I’d uploaded, the first clip of the edit.

kye forte red bull flow phone edit

I decided to play around with adding a soundtrack, stitching bits together, chopping bits in and out and added the sound of a freewheel, carefully timed to end when Kye went off the jumps… Totally unnecessary but I wanted to see if it would work, and it does, kind of! Have a look:

The whole app is super fun to use, just for documenting your trick attempts, or for getting a bit creative. Some of the other phone edits are pretty awesome too, go take a look. Now that I’ve down Kye’s little vid, I want to do one of my own, though I think I’ll stick to the small line rather than the behemoths Kye’s getting busy on!

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