The title says it all really – Warsaw Cycling’s kits are killer! Seems like folks are really upping their kit game these days, which is really bad for my pocket – this latest little beauty joins my growing collection of badass outfits that I love so much that I may as well just give up wearing civvies and dress in lycra all the time. My cycling wardrobe is infinitely better than my ‘ordinary’ wardrobe. Now someone just needs to make nice mountain bike kit (PLEASE!).

DSC03011  juliet elliott cyclist warsaw cycling kitDSC03030

Warsaw Cycling are a design duo from an eastern european country (I’m guessing Poland, for obvious reasons) both of whom have up sticks to Paris. Sven also works as a bike messenger, and Charlotte, the designer, raced her first Red Hook Crit last weekend in Barcelona.The pair are still getting their website ready but they’ve already nearly sold out of the first run of these kits! Luckily, they’ll be getting a fresh delivery at the end of September, so if you’d like one, I suggest you get your order in or make contact with these guys as right away.

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