Juliana Bicycles ‘Furtado Primeiro’ Review

My job rules! Yes, I spend lots of time sat on my arse at a computer, but when I’m not here I’m out testing bikes and clothes and gear, mapping routes to share in magazines and visiting brilliant places and seriously fun events. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a gloat post; I just think it’s really important to be grateful in life and take the time to realise what’s good about being you. I prefer to focus on the awesome, rather than the fact I make very little money and that 90% of the world wants you to work for free. Ahem.

But I digress – where was I again? Oh yes, the Juliana Bicycles ‘Furtado Primeiro’ review! I’ve been giving this absolute beaut of a bike a thorough testing, and my review appears in the new issue of Coven Magazine. Go have a gander if it takes your fancy.


Photos by Dave Noakes

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