I just got back from ISPO in Munich. Its a big kinda tradeshow; mainly snowsports but also some skateboarding and stuff.

I  went over there with Les Ettes – a great European perfume and cosmetics company set up by two very lovely ladies, Carmela and Claudia. Its a very eco friendly and down to earth company with a good philosophy and is largely aimed at women in sports.



For the past couple of years Les Ettes have been supporting snowboarders and surfers, helping them to smell sweet and travel around the globe but when I met them last year we got chatting about doing something which would broaden their reach and connect with girls who are’t lucky enough to travel to the mountains or the beach.

We’ve been researching and developing this product ever since and I have been involved in the whole process. So after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, we finally have Les Ette’s first cosmetic – a tinted lip balm with an SPF 25 to keep your lips soft and protected from the sun (or the cold and wind if you happen to live in London).

I was really excited as I had my own room within the Les Ettes booth to show the product. Carmela did a sweet job decorating the room and I brought along some bits and pieces from home to add. Some bastard stole these little ceramic monkeys.

We had a launch party on Sunday. This is still just a prototype and this was kind of a ‘soft launch’ if you get what I mean. We still need to change a couple of things and have decided to get the product to shop for Autumn so we’ll be doing the proper launch sometime in June or July I guess.

So here it is – Juli-Ette! Or at least here is the prototype. The real one is gonna be matte black with black gloss spots and a mirror inside.

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