Is My Battle With Training Won?

Several months ago I wrote a piece for the Brooks website about my battle with training. It was a kind of jokey piece, basically saying that I didn’t much like having to ride my bike in a certain way for a prescribed amount of time because cycling is to me, more about having fun and being free-spirited. Although I wanted to be fitter and stronger, I’d found the best approach was to just ride as much as I could and to push myself hard on those rides, sneakily training whilst simply cycling because I ride so much anyway that I didn’t think that approach would work out too badly.

Then I entered the Red Hook Crit with just a month before the race, and after asking on Twitter how much difference a month of ‘real’ training could make, I found myself with a coach for a month and decided to give training a go.


Juliet Elliott Assos socks



Head over to the Brooks blog to read about my conclusions.

And check the #GetCycleFit posts on this blog for more detailed explanations of my month long training challenge.

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