I went out for dinner with some friends last year and my friend’s husband told me that he was going on tour with Iron Maiden. He’s a lighting technician and having previously done the lights for ‘Riverdance’ of all things, he’d stepped us his game and got a gig doing  lights for the Maiden. Anways, he told me over our meal that Bruce Dickinson was going to be piloting his own Iron Maiden airbus and that the flight was going to be listed as Flight 666 at every airport. Now, I never got to find out for sure whether that bit was true but judging by the title of this Iron Maiden rockumentary it looks like he was telling the truth. YEAH!

Also, Iron Madien have been nominated for a Brit award in the Best British Band catergory so you’d better get voting if you want to stop the likes of Coldplay and Elbow beating them to the top. Voting starts on Febuary 2nd.

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