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  1. ilya January 27, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    CAT DIARY Verses.
    Morning. This fool has got up,
    And scratches her hairs,
    Sleepily crawling to the bathroom –
    There is a gift, awaits for her.
    I peed not in the pot,
    But as usual on the floor.
    Let her be angry cleaning it –
    Good morning darling!
    I waited her until
    She crawls out of the bathroom, I go under her feet
    Yep, stumbled! It worked! She has felt!
    She went to lunch, my lovely woman
    Pours coffee into a mug,
    Wild mwyauw – and business is done-
    It worked! She has spilled it out!
    Okay, I can relax,
    A write down couple of lines
    I write it down not flattering my might:
    Morning wasn’t lived in vain.
    A Day.
    I had Slept off mentally,
    Were going to mean the tricks on her,
    And here, unfortunately,
    I wasn’t lucky.
    I saw she puts on clothes,
    She has painted all her snout
    I thought she plan to go somewhere,
    Horseradish would maybe understand when she returns but not me,
    She grabbed me to doctor,
    Which picked me with medicine,
    A time of Immunization has come
    Nothing, this suffering
    Is adequately answered:
    It spoils my skin, this vaccination,
    I spoil her leather jacket:
    I had lost no time in vain –
    And tore her jacket all the way
    And her leather pants
    Made dirty so much – can’t be done worse!
    Now she’ll remember: no damn shit for me to use vaccine again!
    On the bed, I tore a toy –
    One nice pillow.
    I was engrossed so much in this affair,
    That couldn’t see my hostess noticed me.
    She has beated me once not weak –
    What a filthy woman!
    And I didn’t look for suitable case for revenge –
    I had immediately pissed under her bed.
    But, damn it, I screwed up again –
    Fell into her hands.
    And as the last moron
    Was drove with face in that puddle.
    And don’t remember how I ran!
    So now I stink
    As if I’m night vase,
    A younger brother of the toilet basin.
    She probably will wash me…
    Or maybe she will have forgotten it? ..
    She decided to have a rest,
    Puzzles, silly, laid.
    Well, I’ll give her a chance
    Collect them at the corners.
    This lady soaped me, did not forget!
    What a bad! I do not understand!
    Who am I she thinks?
    For washing she has got the revenge:
    I broke a couple of cups.
    I listened as she screamed –
    And in my heart, it has become more lighter.
    On top of scandal,
    I ripped off the kitchen curtains.
    Jumped for long time, but I did get it!
    It worked! Cut!
    She rubs the cream onto her snout,
    So, she is about to lie down to sleep,
    Light is still burning, time to adjust,
    The daily balance.
    Overall day was fine,
    But I was better, really:
    Account in today’s tournament
    In my favor, seven – four.
    I am quite pleased with the score,
    Well-earned rest is my.
    That’s al, I can go to sleep,
    Tomorrow a day will be again…
    Yeah, although I think maybe I can
    To roar in the night hysterically,
    And couple of times to pick her up from the sleep –
    What’s a fun to sleep so calm!

  2. Ian Guignet-Simpson May 22, 2013 at 10:05 am

    loving the site Jules. Havent looked for a while at Hell Yeah but this is nice and shiny! keep it up 🙂

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