It has been suggested that perhaps the above might be a more appropriate domain…Yes, after the weekend’s shennanigans me and some of my buddies have been struggling somewhat.

Yesterday I dropped into the bowl at Cantelowes and zoned out to the extent that I was slightly scared when I came to whizzing around a bowl. I literally forgot where I was and what I was doing. I also dropped in on a bank and stacked it big time. DUH.

Today, still feeling a bit sketchy, I took the fixed gear out for a spin and had a mess about around Mile End.

The following is a demonstration of what NOT to do after a heavy weekend:

a) jump very, v e r y , v  e  r  y  , v   e   r   y   slowly off a roof on yer 26″ fixed gear bike

b) forget to jump at all and just nose dive

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