I Just Got The Bike Of My Dreams

I’m not sure if I’m being silly or not (silliness being a speciality of mine) but I actually feel kind of bad about being so lucky when it comes to bikes.



As you guys probably know, I have a pretty epic collection of bikes at home. Many of them are borrowed, either for review or for me to shoot content around. Others I’ve bought, won or been given by sponsors. I love every single one (even though I’m probably going to have to sell a few) and I don’t take any of them for granted. I’m fortunate. The point is, even before Wyndymilla came along and offered me the bike of my dreams, I had some truly lovely velocipedes. So to take delivery of the most fantastic bike in the entire world almost seemed mad, as I didn’t think the stable could get any better.

So how did it come about?



Earlier this year, Wyndymilla sponsored me to race fixed gear crits then went on to add me to the Wyndymilla Hype Energy team along with Keira McVitty. I brought my long term sponsors ASSOS to the team who joined Zipp and Sram in supporting us throughout the race season, allowing us to follow an international race calendar together.

As I wasn’t initially a part of Wyndymilla Hype Energy for various reasons, I was initially given free rein to design my own fixed gear bike. I opted for a vibrant hot rod inspired colour scheme but the design was shelved when it became clear I’d be joining Wyndymilla Hype Energy and riding a bike in team colours instead.



Luckily for me, Wyndymilla liked the sounds of my design and were keen on the idea of me riding more of their bikes. Doubly luckily, Zipp and Sram decided to get on board and sponsor me too. The result is this beautiful custom carbon road disc bike outfitted with Zipp 303 road disc wheels, Zipp aero parts and SRAM Red Etap.

Check out the video for a closer look or see below for the specs.




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