It is just ridiculous how much it rained last night. I skidded through my tyre on the way to the party and had to wheel my bike halfway accross London to a bike shop. Then the heavens opened and I sheltered in a doorway for an hour and a half waiting for it to ease up. It never did. So obviously the turnout for our party was not the ridiculous number that it was last month where you couldnt even move, let alone get to the bar.


But those that came know it rocked hard. We had the BBQ under a canopy and the portable soundsystem was ace. Love you guys for bringing that!Didnt get my nails done in the end so I’m gonna go get something baddass tomorrow at the salon. I’m thinking glossy black with spider’s webs, pentagrams and upside crosses on em. Mind you, they’d only be upsidedown from one direction….

Anyway, I digress! Go check the Vice photo blog for pics.


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